Reset Password / Unlock Account

You must have already successfully enrolled to use the SMOP reset password and unlock account features.


If your account gets locked out or you have forgotten your password, go to the SMOP main page and click on the Reset Password/Unlock Account link on the left pane (as shown below).




When you click on the Reset Password/Unlock Account button in the SMOP User Pages, you will be asked to provide your username.



Username: The username that you are want to reset password or unlock account for.  


Domain: The domain that the account belongs to.  SJC is the default and only domain.


Once you click Continue, SMOP will verify that the account exists in the SMOP database (has been successfully enrolled).  If the account exists and you have been enrolled into SMOP previously, SMOP will present you with the secret questions.  The screen will look similar to this:



You must answer the questions exactly the same way that you answered them when you enrolled.  After answering the questions, click Continue.  You may click on Back to Home to return to the SMOP Home Page.  


Once you click Continue, SMOP will verify that the answers match the answers that you enrolled with (is this really you?).  If the answers match, the you will be prompted to set your new password.  




You must enter your new password and reconfirm it by typing it a second time.  


Note: The new password must conform with the security policies that your company has.  It is possible that the password has to be a certain length, require numbers and/or symbols in the password, and cannot be the same as the last few passwords that you had.  


After you click on Reset Password, you will be shown a results screen like the following: